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I am humbled and grateful for all the amazing long and short projects I’ve been able to act in over the last two years and because so much new work is available… I’ve picked 3 - 5 minutes of “Selected Scenes” from each project. Some are still in production. Others are already out in the world. And thankfully… There are more to come :)

feature films - IN PRODUCTION

BABY MONITOR - horror feature - selected scenes for lead character “Andy MCNeary”

BABY MONITOR(2019) is a psychological horror feature film written, directed and starring RYAN BARTON-GRIMLEY as the lead character, Andy McNeary, a new father whose infant daughter is kidnapped and held for ransome. Think “Jacob’s Ladder” but for new parents… Creepy, horrifying, mind-bending and unpredictable… It’s sure to scare the pants off all new parents! Baby Monitor is in post-production and will play the horror film festival circuit in Summer 2019 with a general release set for Halloween 2019! ***STATUS: POST-PRODUCTION***


feature films - distributed

repatriation - drama feature - selected scenes for lead character “Chad”

REPATRIATION(2018) is an award-winning indie drama about a soldier's first night back in his mid-western hometown starring Ryan Barton-Grimley that played 20+ film festivals, won 30+ awards including "Grand Jury Prize" at Film Invasion LA and is distributed worldwide by Indie Rights

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ELIJAH'S ASHES - comedy feature - selected scenes for cO-lead character “Kevin Shaw”

ELIJAH'S ASHES(2018) is an award-winning dark-comedy about homophobia and brotherly love co-starring, co-written and directed by Ryan Barton-Grimley that played 30+ film festivals, won 40+ awards and is being distributed worldwide by Summerhill Entertainment.  

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SHANGHAI FADERS - horror short - SELECTED SCENES for lead character “allister macaby”

SHANGHAI FADERS(2018) is an award-winning HORROR SHORT FILM about a man who asks for help in a haunted tavern when his car breaks down starring RYAN BARTON-GRIMLEY.


The Trouble With EDGAR LYNCH - comedy short - SELECTED SCENES for lead character “edgar Lynch”

THE TROUBLE WITH EDGAR LYNCH(2018) is an award-winning COMEDY SHORT FILM about a struggling poet who lives with his mother and can't find love starring RYAN BARTON-GRIMLEY.