RYAN BARTON-GRIMLEY, or RBG as his most distinguished colleagues refer to him, was born in Harare, Zimbabwe in the 1970's. After battling blood-thirsty lions and mad wilder-beasts for just shy of a decade, RBG moved to the "US of A" with his family, settling in lovely Carpinteria, California. So basically... the exact opposite of Harare, Zimbabwe. After doing time at various public and private institutions, almost getting degrees in everything from basket-weaving to filmmaking, he graduated from UCLA with a prestigious degree in liberal arts. This astounding feat of academic excellence led to a starring role in the acclaimed indie feature film TROPIX and supporting roles on the hit CBS show CRIMINAL MINDS and THE PRICE OF LOVE a FOX MOV about gutter punks. After a run in front of the camera, RBG stepped behind the camera for the first time, writing and directing the internationally acclaimed home invasion thriller... THE TRUTH, starring John Heard, Brendan Sexton III, Erin Cardillo and Daniel Baldwin in 2010 which was distributed worldwide by GRAVITAS VENTURES, SHOWTIME, NETFLIX, and MAVERICK. After a period of self-reflection on a remote icy peak at an undisclosed location, trying his hand at some advertising and some improvisation at UCB and Groundlings, RBG decided to step back in front of the camera for a bunch of self-produced indie feature films.... Starring in and producing Douglas Mueller's award winning debut feature... REPATRIATION, a “Soldier Coming Home” story with a twist that played 29 film festivals worldwide, won 30 awards including "Grand Jury Prize" at Film Invasion LA and is being distributed by Indie Rights... Writing, directing and starring in... ELIJAH'S ASHES an award-winning road comedy about homophobia that played at 34 film festivals worldwide, won 39 awards and is being released by Summerhill Entertainment... Writing, directing and starring in...  HAWK & REV: VAMPIRE SLAYERS a slacker-horror-comedy about "Kicking vampire asses and taking vampire names!" currently in post-production and due out on the film festival circuit in late 2018.. And finally writing, directing and starring in... BABY MONITOR a psychological horror about a new father whose baby goes missing and his only hope is a voice from his baby monitor, also currently in post-production and due out on the film festival circuit in late 2018. So... Keep an eye out for RBG performing improv in dark theaters around Los Angeles California, follow him on twitter @rybartongrimley, check out his acting and personal stuff at ryanbartongrimley.com, or head on over to rbgfilms.com to see what films or advertising he's been working on lately. Lastly... RBG thanks you for your interest in his work!

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